Free SMS trading alerts

Receive free SMS alerts directly to your mobile phone as soon as market prices move.

How do I opt in?

To subscribe to this free volatility alert service, simply enter your details below.

Once you have entered your details you will be able to select the markets you want to receive alerts for.

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Configure SMS Alerts

Configure the alert volatility by choosing a Low, Medium or High sensitivity level. You can configure the alert volatility level for an entire market type, or on a per market vertical basis.

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How often are messages sent?

You will receive an SMS when your chosen market experiences a ‘significant price movement’. The trigger point is different for each market based on how volatile that market usually is. On average most alerts tend to trigger when the price moves by between 0.25% - 2%.

How do I manage SMS volatility alerts?

To manage your preferences, simply revisit this page and update which markets you’d like to receive alerts for. If you would like no more alerts, deselect all markets and click Update User. Alternatively to completely opt out of volatility alerts, you can text VXSTOP to 88440. Standard SMS rates apply.

Terms and conditions apply. By subscribing to this service you confirm that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions.

Thank you for opting into free SMS price alerts.

Subject to you meeting the criteria in our terms and conditions you will start receiving pricing alerts within the next 72 hours (should/when the price of a market you have selected experience significant price movement).

Please note that you need to place at least one trade every 90 days to continue to receive price alerts.

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